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        Quick mould change: the key to improved productivity

        Source:Plastics News Asia     Date:2021-07-09
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        For those in the plastics industry, injection moulding is an area where the requirements for sophistication go hand in hand with improved efficiency and end-product quality. Companies engaged in plastics injection moulding share the common goals of reduced downtime and higher productivity. They look at solutions that will enable them to raise their output, increase the variety and quality of their products and operate at reduced costs. The duration and completion of the different processes has a great impact on this since if time is lost in any production function, this can represent a delay in delivery – a scenario that is not acceptable in a highly competitive and demanding industry. 


        The quick moulding change is an essential part of the whole injection moulding process as it aims to ensure uninterrupted operation. In the plastic industry, the idea of integrating quick change of moulds in injection moulding is key to guarantee high productivity at reduced costs.


        The current trends that point towards rising demand in small batches production and diversification of plastic products output call for an increased in the number of injection mould changes during the production process. As a result, plastics manufacturers need the equipment and tools that allow them to achieve high levels of efficiency that the market demands.


        One of the most important procedures in plastic moulding is changing the moulds. To ensure that that the changing of moulds and eventual operation of the injection moulding system meets the required standards, it is important to start off by drawing up a list of the needed tools and equipment available in-house and those that are to be sourced outside. It is also essential to have the mould checked prior to installation and regularly when in use to identify the mould needed for new production.  Another important task is the preparation for resin change which requires determining the colour and type of resin to be used for each batch or mould change.  

        QMCS-1 web.jpg


        Prior to changing the mould, the production set up should be checked to determine if the mould is in good condition and meets  the production requirements. The details on the mould change must be recorded, including the parts needed and the production time. Regular monitoring of the mould condition should be done to guarantee good end-product quality and operational efficiency.  Factors such as the installation of water connection, mould cleaning and mould assembly must also be considered. For instance, the cleaning of the mould must be performed to extend the life span of the mould and make sure that the injection moulded products or parts meet the quality standards.  The removal and replacement of the mould in the machine must also be done efficiently and fast.  This is made possible by utilising trolleys when performing this function. 


        Quick Mould Change Systems

        One of the most attractive options for saving time and improving productivity is quick mould change systems. The installation of these systems in injection moulding machines generates multiple benefits. Direct benefits include: less time for changing the mould; the ability to manufacture various products in small batches; less inventory; improved productivity and product quality; and lower labour costs. 


        Other benefits include: the ability to achieve mould and press standardisation; greater security; fast delivery; and better working conditions and environment.


        The quick mould change system from Forwell is hydraulically controlled, easy, and safe compared to traditional systems. Also, even if the power is suspended, the system can continue working for at least 96 hours. 


        The design of Forwell solutions stands out above other brands. The clamps have waterproof, dustproof, pressure-holding function, and longer clamping stroke. The service life is longer and the safety is greater. The application is more extensive and flexible.


        Forwell: Technologies for intelligent production 

        Forwell Precision Machinery Co., Ltd has the technologies that can increase the productivity of a plastics production operation.  The company has launched new solutions - such as clamps, die arms, and die lifters, among others, that have become industry standards in terms of efficiency and cost-saving benefits.


        Future automation technology that is more mature and responsive to market demand is Forwell’s main goals as it embarks on intelligent production development, investment in research and development of the whole plant automation. Its Quick Mould Change System adheres to the concept of Industrial 4.0 in an era of smart technology. 


        Forwell has over 20 years of experience in developing Quick Mould Change System and the company can offer its customers the best solutions for their injection moulding operations. The fully customizable Quick Mould Change Systems drastically minimise setup times, maximise efficiency and increase safety. The systems can be designed to fit almost any injection moulding machine and mould casting machine to allow for quicker mould change times, resulting in shorter machine down time and increased productivity. This system uses a special mould clamp that does not require a cut out on the mould, increasing its application versatility and allowing it to be used with a large number of different moulds.


        Forwell distributors are present in several countries and Forwell specialists are highly trained to meet the requirements of each customer. For more information, visit: www.forwell.com





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