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        ASEAN Smart Factory Summit 2021- Autoparts Manufacturing industry

        Start date:2021-08-26

        Organizer: Ringier Trade Media Ltd.

        Fax: +886-4-23107167

        email: yumichen@ringier.com.hk

        End date:2021-08-26

        Location:Online (S.E. Asia)

        Tel: +886-4-23297318

        Website: http://pheedloop.com/asf2021/site/home/

        Exhibition Content

        To foster the long-term economic development in Thailand, the Thai government announced the "Thailand 4.0” vision in 2016,  the economic model that aims to apply key technologies-automation, digitization, artificial intelligence, development of big data transformation platform to five emerging industries, including automated robotics, aviation, and biotechnology, etc.

        Furthermore, the Thai automobile manufacturing industry is an important manufacturing and export hub in the ASEAN automobile industry, and also a key industry for the government to actively support digital transformation.

        In addition, the  Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand (I-EA-T) has also cooperated with local industry players for the application of 5G technology in industrial automation, showing Thailand's strong ambition to develop Industry 4.0 through advanced technology.

        The objective of this event will introduce the latest smart technologies that change the industrial practice in the automobile manufacturing industry. And discuss the latest trends, application cases, and potential business opportunities on the basis of Thailand's Industry 4.0.

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