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        Colortronic plastic processes auxiliary equipment

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        That the Colortronic disk measures a charger is that one kind of volume style measures the reinforced device of commixture voluntarily , are used to see off mixing the additive and host raw material pro rata basis voluntarily. Host raw material may have passed material generally machine direct put in, addition material adds accurately by measuring a set. The plate measuring uses direct-current motor to drive, to turn stable, especially suitable than additive dosages are less condition. The meterage selecting and using the different type can add various addition material at the same time, Add material can be granule material, reclaim material or powder material. The commixture system the Colortronic continuous type subtraction heavy type is measured can integrate the various reinforced implement , be able to be used to add to various raw material synchronism give to. The installation measuring machine being able to be direct joins but matches for important Colortronic subtraction style on molding lead plane to connect up material machine. The Colortronic dynamiting style measures a charger, is one kind of the lower pattern meterage system working feeding in raw material in batches. Can add molding lead plane middle accurately according to the formula setting up with various raw material. The station every is measured shares a weighing component, the component loads this weighing on the container measuring a weighing of station down part, batches add every raw material in measuring a station in proper order add a material every time in this container, calling a weight out value. Accomplish a queen who measures a period, container mixing that can inside raw material be set free to its down part Shizhong, blends weighing homogeneously in there. The effect that density changes because of adopt weight style, reason why not to accept raw material volume, measures accuracy very highly. Every measures the reinforced speed standing adopt closed cycle under the control of , controller charging that can rectify every period measuring a station voluntarily speed, stable degree working are very high.

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