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        Micronized Coal Fired Burner

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        Micronized Coal Fired Burner is ideal for industrial boilers. This burner uses the cutting-edge technology of firing coal powder in suspension state. Micronized coal powders are fired quickly and completely. The heat efficiency is high. It is very good in adopting to different types of coal, however, some coals that have high ash content may generate more ash. Therefore, fitting with effective ash-collection equipment is necessary. The thermal efficiency of the boiler can improve near to 15%, and can save coal near to 10 - 20%. Based on the air overfall theory, the micronized coal fired burner g rind coal chunks into very fine coal powder by a “crushing device”, and the size of the coal is mesh#250, this powder flow is so good that can be blow into furnace and burned completely in suspension state. This is very Eco-friendly design, low energy consumption and less noise, operating under dual negative pressure, no coal particles will be flying around. Easy installation, pay back time is around 6- 8 months.

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